Experimental: Put in motion your day!


This is not a real method of study, but only a warning to improve your health … and your concentration on the study!

Method of Study: Students Sedentary!

Your student life is too sedentary? Try to think about it. The lifestyle of many students is to sit for most of the day. You are part of this category if you’re sitting most of the time: when you’re in class, while at home studies, when you go to the PC or watching TV on the couch, while you’re at the table to eat. At the end go to sleep and balance you have done very little physical activity.

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Unfortunately, this mode of behavior tends to repeat itself every day. This is harmful to your health, not only physically, but also on the mental plane. Over the years, several studies have shown that daily physical activity is essential to stimulate brain activity and to be more lucid and productive. It would be enough 20 minutes of daily physical activity, so you do not become necessarily a sports fanatic. Try not to let yourself be overwhelmed by laziness. I know that when you feel tired you would like to lie down and close your eyes, doing absolutely nothing. But when you move?

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Study Method: Oxygenates The BRAIN!

Uses every opportunity to put a little ‘in motion. Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If there are a few stops between your accommodation and the university go easy walk instead of taking the tram or metro. Exit and go for a walk with a light heart. You may subscribe to the gym, or do some exercise in your living room when you do not feel like going out. All this can only make you good to get away from the fast pace of the study.

Oxygenates the brain and recovers energy! I assure you that after you will feel more charged and ready to start studying again. Also drains the tension and stress accumulated. Many unnecessary worries vanish. Can you find new solutions to problems that would not have solved standalone always sitting! More onĀ http://merchantdroid.com/