How to fight anxiety and physical symptoms of an attack


Who has not ever had to deal with an anxiety attack completely unexpected and do not have the slightest idea what to do? Anxiety suddenly arrives and leaves no way. What are the symptoms of anxiety and how you can recognize? In a normal working day, for example, you might hear suddenly twitch muscles and feel a strong sense of discomfort from difficult explain that puts no little agitation and obstructs the concentration. Anxiety can also arrive early in the morning, barely awake, and can manifest as physical symptoms such as a strong weight on the chest that oppresses and does not breathe. How can we not see, then, that anxiety can occur when you are with friends? In this case, to get the better of all is all is a strong sense of unease that does not reason. One thing is certain: in most cases, the anxiety is revealed without any reason.

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How to combat anxiety?

But what to do in these cases to combat anxiety? A warning to keep in mind is to try to stay calm, stay cool and wait until the situation be made smooth. Groped to drive away the bad thoughts can help? In some cases yes, but in others, it might even aggravate the situation. And what about the anxiolytic? Medications can relieve anxiety, it is true, but not have any influence on the deep roots of the problem and, therefore, they do nothing to ensure that the problem does not recur. Without any doubt, denying the anxiety and refuse it is the worst way to deal with the situation. Anxiety is a problem to solve, but not in an immediate or, even less, superficial. Basically, when you are face to face with anxiety, the wisest thing to do is to face it head on. How to do? Read on.

Physical symptoms Anxiety and hints for how to fight it

The first and fundamental advice to keep in mind is that anxiety must be understood and heard. In fact, it brings with it a deeper meaning that if, apparently, it is not clear, hiding the truth to be discovered. First, therefore, it is appropriate to accept the anxiety and try to understand what is its profound message. Anxiety is une fundamental emotions and, being spontaneous, should not be considered negative in the absolute sense. Indeed, it might even hide some positive side because it allows you to understand what are the danger.

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Combat anxiety, therefore, means to meet her and be able to turn it into life force to make it go away permanently. To accept the anxiety you need to let her into their lives without putting up any kind of resistance. In this way, it will be possible to quickly disappear all the negative effects. The moment comes anxiety, you should find a comfortable position where you can not get excited and try to observe it without prejudice. At the exact moment arrives, it is useful, then, to try to understand what part of the body is located.

Once located, it will be, then, important to concentrate exclusively on that point. Initially, the pain will seem to increase but then it will dissolve. The secret, then, is alienated from the situation in which you are immersed to try to live it with the proper detachment. It would be very useful to store the feelings of the moment and write a diary in order to crystallize and metabolize. Without any doubt, the right thing to do is to continue to do your own thing as if nothing was happening.

How to fight and control anxiety: Relaxation techniques

There are some relaxation techniques very useful to combat anxiety. One important thing to do when you are struggling with an anxiety attack is to control your breathing. Anxiety makes shorten the breath and involuntarily you start to breathe only with the upper part of the lungs. In this case, it is appropriate to focus and try to activate the diaphragmatic breathing. By controlling the breath, you will also be able to control every type of anxiety attack. A valuable ally to combat anxiety is meditation. Meditation allows you to become aware of their own fears and allows to experience new ways.