Learning from Instagram Success Stories

It is no secret that Instagram has grown tremendously, with hundreds of millions of active users every month. What is baffling, though, is the corresponding use of the platform by brands. While this is slowly changing, it seems that the image of Instagram as a site for posting selfies and personal photos has been hard to shake off. Instagram is one of the top social media platforms when it comes to the engagement of potential clients and customers. This is the reason why many are clamoring for such Instagram tools as Instamacro that will enhance their profiles with likes, comments and followers. One does not have to own a fashion or food industry brand for them to enjoy the perks of posting on Instagram. Here are three success stories of marketing on Instagram, from both the big and the small in various industries to learn from.

Bloom & Wild

A relatively small flower company, Bloom & Wild used the Power Editor feature in the creation of their Instagram ads. The first step was using their mailing list to create an audience. From there, they posted a selection of their produced ads just like they would normal photos. Next, they looked at the photos they posted which received the biggest attention, and then focused on these in their main ad campaign. This technique ended up improving their bouquet orders by 62 percent, with many new customers commenting on their photos and buying products from their shop. This was an example of a relatively small company cleverly using Instagram to reach and engage with a wide range of people.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees sells cosmetic products, specializing in small dollar physical products. Their success story came from how they marketed their lip crayon line of products. They began with the aim of creating awareness and improving their ad recall rates in the industry. They knew there was already a community on Instagram heavily interested in beauty, and looked to take advantage of this fact. They targeted females between 18 and 24 years old in the US, delivering ads to them that corresponded with their ‘Delight your Lips’ marketing theme.


Almost everyone with even a remote interest in cars has heard of Mercedes-Benz. It is a well-known luxury car manufacturer, so one might wonder what their intentions were with their Instagram campaign. The answer is simple, they were looking to venture into a new category, marketing their GLA compact SUV. The trick they used was to have people take photos of what they would put into their SUV. These items would then be placed on custom GLA cargo mats to indicate just how versatile and useful the car would be on a weekend trip. The ads ran on both Facebook and Instagram, resulting in an increase of up to 580 percent in website visits when these techniques were combined with direct response ads.

From these stories, one learns the importance of;

  • Engagement on multiple channels
  • Involving the target market
  • Targeting a specific market: age and geographically
  • Being creative with ads and testing techniques


Stephanie Clarke is an experienced social media marketer. She specializes in advising clients on how to use Instagram marketing tools like Instamacro and how to give the most to their followers.