10 tips for new medical students

Medical students

The first day in the classroom facing forward and uncertainty about what the future holds. Through DM Young, three former students of Medicine offer a Decalogue of advice for those who are open for the first time, the doors of the Faculty of Medicine.

Medical students
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1) “They enjoy college life: If they can, they live the experience of an Erasmus scholarship in subsequent years” – Marta Villa, Neurology Hospital Alcorcón Foundation.

2) “Leave perfectionism aside: We are not heroes and make mistakes. The suspense is human. You will have to accustom to live with the frustration and helplessness despite having given everything” – Nazareth Leon, physician Family Hospital Foundation Alcorcón.

3) “You have to know everything, just knowing where to look. Question and do all that is humanly possible. You’re going to face the worst and best moments of your life so enjoy everyone. Changes and instability that will create a version of you stronger same” – Nazareth Leon.

4) “Study everything you can to learn from the best subjects because others will lose your time in making some notes to forget the 48 hours of taking the test. So squeezes your best teachers and pulls the notes that you did not serve you’re welcome” – Cristina Fuentes, Internal Medicine at Hospital Foundation Alcorcón.

5) “You have chosen a career in which lots of money is not won and which things are not easy but it has the most beautiful: the smile of a child who aids, that of an old man that you take hand or a kid who take away the pain.” – Marta Villa.

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6) “Do not agonies the first three years are the hardest, but they pass and from that moment to enjoy the race.” – Cristina Fuentes.

7) “On your side are going to sit mates, not rivals; Treat them as such never know in the future who are going to agree or what you are going to be able to help is better to use good manners and be generous.” – Nazareth Leon.

8) “The basic principle of medicine is humanity. This should know from the first day until the last race. You will find a lot of idiot out there who will try to make him forget but must always remember.” – Cristina Fuentes.

9) “The patient is not going to thank you to be number one. The patient will thank your empathy that you treat it well and you interests for their situation.” – Marta Villa.

10) “Although they will have to give up a lot of time to enjoy and share with people who worth their while, are in the most beautiful race that could elect” – Nazareth Leon.