The Advantages of Hiring a Remote DBA Expert

Data handling is not a big deal anymore. It has become quite an easy task during the last few years thanks to the advancement in technology. However, the fact remains that if you wish to make use of your business data to the fullest, you need to consider investing in experienced data professionals. You would certainly be requiring someone for helping you out with problems and issues that crop up such as the acquisition of data, storage, integration, retrieval and management. All this may seem pretty simple particularly if you are equipped with basic IT knowledge. As your business expands and progresses, you would be requiring much more than simply basic knowledge. You would need an expert team of database administration specialists for managing your business data.

Database Specialists and Data Storage

During the last few years, we have witnessed an explosion in the field of data storage solutions. If you hire a team of proficient remote DBA experts for database administration and associated issues, you would be successful in getting things done far more easily and smoothly. As your business prospers, you would be faced with more and more data. Fortunately, today you have easy access to cloud storage facilities. Cloud storage and data warehousing are very much in vogue currently. There are numerous advantages to hiring remote database administration experts.

Definite Peace of Mind

When you hire a specialist for the job, you are in a better position to concentrate solely on operating your core business. You could now dedicate all your efforts and energy toward the running of your core business. You would ultimately have unimaginable peace of mind once you start outsourcing the service because you would know that a specialist is working on your database management and that you are effectively covered if anything goes wrong. The entire responsibility and pressure of database administration are shifted to the remote database administration experts from you once you start outsourcing the service.

You have enough reason to be stressed if you still have not employed the services of professionals for database management since downtime would imply lost revenues, the tarnishing of reputation and also, the risk of losing both potential customers and current customers. You no longer would be worried about someone falling sick or not reporting to work as a remote DBA squad would definitely have an expert constantly monitoring your database 24×7.

Technical Excellence Guaranteed

A remote DBA squad would be having the required expertise and technical skill for the job. These experts are known to specialize in

  • Replication, as well as, load balancing across numerous servers.
  • Using shard keys meant for horizontal scaling.
  • Aggregation Operation & Batch Processing with the use of MapReduce.
  • Regular expression searches, search by field and range queries.

Institutional Memory Now Very Much Intact

Top DBA experts would be staying on a particular job for a maximum of three years on an average. Fortunately, with remote DBA, there is no reason to get tense about losing institutional memory as you could continue with the same remote DBA specialists for as long or as much time you wish to. Previously, you would constantly be under the fear and threat of losing full-time DBA experts to competitors. This would imply that your confidential technology would be exposed to your competitors. There would be a breach of privacy and security. Moreover, when one full-time DBA expert leaves the job, it would take some time for a new replacement to familiarize and get a hang on your database. This could really be a tough transition phase.


A remote DBA professional would have a wealth of experience as he would have worked in numerous organizations. In-house DBAs would, however, be lacking in this sort of exposure and wide experience. A remote DBA professional boasts of a superior grip on tricks of the trade and industry trends. The experienced remote DBA team would be guiding you and sharing useful tips for acquiring an effective and reliable database.

 Monitoring and Reporting Made Easy

A remote DBA professional would be constantly monitoring and tracking all aspects of your database. A top-notch company would be having cutting-edge proprietary scripts meant for pre-outage alerts, automated database reporting, and capacity planning. Monitoring is vital as it helps to warn and safeguard your business from the potentially catastrophic issue before it takes place. A good company should be having tuning reports, trend reports, exception reports and also, capacity planning reports.

The advantages of hiring a remote DBA team would only be realized fully if you are able to choose and hire the best in the trade. You simply cannot expect wonders by hiring any random people. Work with the very best in the industry today for finest results.

Author Bio: Edwin Smith is a developer working as a database admin in a tech startup in Silicon Valley. He also runs a blog on which he writes tutorials, articles and a lot more.