The importance of rest for better study

Better study

We are in the era of university examinations nerves, the rush, stress and, why not say, the consequences of procrastination make January and May (and in some cases, September or July) very hard months for the students Universities and high school and FP.

Resting properly is the only guarantee you have to perform adequately: the exhausting days of study, tirelessly interleaved properly, without rest between each other and even without rest or in the minutes before the exam, really, the only thing make your academic performance is dramatically decelerator.

Better study
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However, I have to say one thing: your notes you do not define yourself, and unfortunately, reflected in a very short and relative measure your true knowledge. Logically, pass an exam is your priority right now and this will no consolation, but limit your ability to take the work to get 0.5 points more (or perhaps less) is not the solution. A good timing throughout the year and adequate stress management would avoid that feeling of urgency, of encirclement, you can feel right now.


As this article is aimed at teenagers and adults / young people and their families and teachers, we must remember that the hours of recommended sleep are the same as for adults: 7-8 hours. Television sets not easy to bed early, nor whatsapp or Facebook … The first has a solution: you can see your favorite the next day on the website of the television network program. For the rest, willpower and a matter of priorities: if your academic work develops a disproportionate intensity the last days before the test and are able to bear it , sure you can bear to bed at 10:30 or 11:00 night.

Adequate sleep is MANDATORY to fix and settle the memorized knowledge; how do you feel in the morning when you sleep 4 or 5 hours and you know … so no one will be able to study.


The study is part of your life cannot completely invade. You have to have time to rest your mind of studies every day and spend some time something like: paint, play an instrument, playing sports, watching movies…

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Socialize in the study center or library where you study is not the most suitable for you or for others, except breaks (after I talk breaks), but after or before, YES, and it is essential and necessary. Pre-examinations isolation only makes sense if you live in an extremely toxic social environment and affects your self-esteem, fear of messing exams and lowering your self-concept, and sincerely hope not. Meet your friends, come with your family, walk the dog…

Stress Management

Learn relaxation techniques and exercise to let off before starting the tasks will be very useful, if not for this same call, for May. You are on time. Each person is unique, and you may need relaxation or before, or after, or both moments: try one thing and another and decide, but try it.

During the study days

Your concentration drops from 20 minutes. Okay, the first hour of study, and even the second hour, maybe your concentration curve take longer to come down, but (although I do not like) going to be more than 2 hours studying, right? The pace of study must be adequate to fulfill the tasks set, not super intense and chaotic at first to end up wasting hours trying to read and underline, without anything out about, because you have already exhausted in the first 90 minutes Optimizes. 

Make intervals of 20-25 minutes and 5-10 minutes breaks between them; in those studies only 20-25 minutes, the top of your ability. Do not talk to the person beside you, do not look mobile, do not look out the window, do not dawdle with a fly … In 5-10 minutes pause Do not do anything that has to do with what you’re studying : go to drink water, talk to a friend, watch mobile if someone called you, etc. As are finished, return to your task, and back again. For more Click here