What it is to be a great teacher?

great teacher

Credentials, knowledge, critical thinking and intelligence are important, but they are not the only thing: a great teacher or a great teacher has other qualities besides these, especially today, in the Information Age, where education begins to change dramatically.

  • Kindness

The goodness and kindness in dealing with students, families and educational community is a key to change the climate of the classroom and the school, where all people feel cared for and welcome feature.

great teacher
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  • Understanding

Teaching is the profession humanist par excellence: understanding shows empathy and concern for the feelings of others, and their actions. As a result, pupils and students, and their families, will be more open and more confident towards teachers.

  • Empathy

Everyone must work empathy, but is especially relevant in this profession: being able to get another point of view, as far as possible, linking with the understanding that we tried before, has a rodeo so impact on your life with the educational community and in your own professional development.

  • Optimism

Be positive or positive, of course, is not easy, we know that we encounter problems, cuts, mass, conflicts, etc. and it is not easy to find solutions when the constraints are so great. However, try to take the positive side of the difficulties will help you solve them better.

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  • Building

Good or good teacher has the ability to build: relationships, friendship, community … Building a community in the classroom just extending to the families and the school community.

  • Inspiration

The and good teachers inspire their students to be, in the future, good / as teachers, better students and better people. Discover hidden treasures, possibilities and magic of knowledge in the eyes of others.