Why children should write (mostly) by hand?

Children should write

Of course, the sudden irruption in primary education has many very positive factors; but, as always we talk about the good side and its benefits, we believe appropriate to focus on another aspect that we may be ignoring: the evolutionary and development of girls and boys to develop the use of your body need.

The kids need and corporality. It is vital to learn to manage your body and use it properly, specifically hands. The hands, manual reason, handling, plays a really crucial role in child development, from the time of infants to adolescence: you cannot stop side even the slightest manual labor, but it is conceivable that somehow move writing in favor of digital writing. 

Children should write
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It is an obvious requirement that typing is present in the early stages of formal education. What we want to convey is, rather, that the exercise of critical writing should focus on writing manual.

Corporeality and manipulation are two factors that play a crucial role in the development and establishment of laterality: laterality may be a risk factor or a comparative advantage to learning. It is essential to establish from teaching manual, foot, eye and ear dominance of our students, being hand-eye cross laterality one of the most frequent among learning problems reading and writing. Hand dominance is established which of the two hands are used to perform actions such as writing, drawing, pick up objects … Also, the ocular dominance refers to one of the eyes is the preferred look for example, through a microscopic. No problems demonstrated in lefthanders: we cannot say that the cross laterality is in itself a problem, because such a thing would be fallacious. What we say is that in this case, that cross laterality is present before specific learning difficulties, which can be seen in the warning sign to determine the possibility of risk.

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Until early childhood education, according to the most common and typical development, not knowledge of space is necessary according to the coordinates we got used to use (right, left): learning of reading and writing makes the knowledge of space coded itself is necessary. The symbols require letters and numbers whose coordinates in space and time mark their signification. 

Put aside the practice of handwriting, as well as crafts, drawing and any manual practice, during the earliest stages of education it has disastrous consequences:

  • Poor handwriting, almost irreparable
  • Shortage of immediate reflexes, speed, agility and efficiency to manual activities
  • Investments in the graph order and reader
  • Inability to concentrate on manual tasks nature

The development of manual reason is most consistent from the evolutionary point of view and from an individual point of view, the development of each child and each child, through play, crafts, drawing and writing.  Dedicate a significant proportion of our writing assignments handwriting (in a 80% ratio manual typing 20%, for example, Primary) ensures that we give our students the best attention to their real needs.