The night before the exam: How to deal with sleep

night before the exam

No matter how you plan your time, no matter how many days you sit behind textbooks, still the bulk of the work often remains on the last night. And in this situation, there is often a serious problem – dream.

By the last day before the exam, we are already getting tired, and then it’s almost a whole night to work. Therefore, we must fight with sleep. Of course, everyone has their own methods of maintaining cheerfulness. Some people are suitable for themselves, others for others. In this article I want to talk about the most simple, reliable and harmless methods of fighting sleep.

night before the exam
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Personally, I am helped in this by coffee or green tea. Both of these drinks are rich in caffeine, which for a while “shakes” the brain and does not allow to fall asleep. Coffee for this is better to use ground, not soluble: first, it has more caffeine, and secondly, the cooking process itself is already somewhat distracting and invigorating.

This task will be perfectly handled by energy drinks, but they, besides caffeine, contain huge doses of sugar, so I do not advise them to abuse.

I hasten to warn that this method does not suit everyone. Some people caffeine, on the contrary, soothes and lulls.

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It is also useful to tear yourself away from books, go out onto the balcony (if, of course, on the street is not minus 30) and breathe the fresh air. If there is no balcony – you can walk around and around the room, to squeeze or crouch. But not for long. Time is precious.

External stimuli

It is possible to arrange for a while a “swagger” to the nervous system. Excellent effect, for example, will listen to music at high volume. Just do not forget to put on the headphones, the night is in the yard.

Excellent will give strength cool or contrast shower. But I do not advise taking a bath. Firstly, it takes a long time, and secondly – the bath soothes and relaxes. This is not the effect that we need.

Deception of the body

If drowsiness still prevails and the letters blur before your eyes, then you can apply the method, which, as they say, used by Salvador Dali. He sat down in the armchair. Sitting on the side was a metal tray, and in his hand took a spoon, which he held directly over the tray. Then Dali began to fall asleep. At the moment when the sleep became deeper, the spoon fell out of the hand, struck the tray and woke the artist.

Such a short very well invigorates. Deceived brain for a long time does not want to sleep and is able to work well. Of course, it is not necessary to strum a spoon on a tray. It’s enough for me to keep a notebook or a book in my hand. As soon as I start to notice that I do not feel the object in my hand, I open my eyes sharply. The effect is the same.