Educational trip: Pre-departure guide for the school trip

school trip

Going on a journey of education does not mean just preparing the suitcase, but also the mind: here are some common sense rules to take with you on your school trip.

Ready Steady…. trip!

Among the students’ questions one that never fails, from the first day of school, concerns the school trip ! Do you leave or do not leave? To the positive answer – stating however that it is called “educational visit” – other questions follow: “where?”, “When?”, “How many days?”. In reality it does not matter … the important thing is to leave!

As time passes, the questions on the school trip become pressing and a fundamental question is added: “Which prof. will you accompany us on a trip?”. Students know well – when they want, they inform … – that for a few years there has been a noticeable drop in the teachers willing to accompany the classes on an educational visit, especially for several days. Because? The answer is simple: too much responsibility, no economic incentive, the more students are bigger the more they tend to get into trouble … these are the reasons add personal, family, work (if you teach in more schools), although present in the years where finding teachers was not so difficult.

school trip

So, in the class councils, the teachers’ accessions when it comes to bringing the students on the road for education are minimal or zero and, when organizing everything, to have the companions must do a job of personal conviction, of interlocking possibility, of campaign purchases without money. In short: it is not simple and it is even less so if the teachers know they are dealing with an undisciplined class!

Instructions … For the educational trip

Now, in all schools we are in school trips : someone has left or has already returned, others count down and think about the last preparations, but not before, to sign a co-responsibility pact, the necessary authorizations , in line with the regulations of the educational journey. Some fixed point we try to write it too, not the rules, but advice and reflections based on many years at school or better “out of school”.

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These are the words of a professor, so they may not be shared by the students, but they must be said:

  • During an educational visit we must all be well, students and teachers:  If someone does not have fun, it means that something has not worked and some behavior has been out of line.
  • It is called an educational visit and the apostrophe is not randomly placed or removed: The term “destruction” should not be part of the vocabulary of the party.
  • The trip is done with the family, friends, the association, the group: With the school you go on an educational visit, so there is something new to learn and to know.
  • Respecting the places you visit: Museums and churches (mostly what you visit wherever you go) are not places to look for anything useful to sit or lean on.
  • The educational visits require physical commitment: On these occasions you walk a lot, those who do not like to do it, wrong to participate and especially to complain.
  • Place that you go food that you find: The meals are not those prepared with care by mom, dad and grandparents; often the dishes are typical of the place, especially if you are abroad. To say that it is not good or not to eat will not make it better.
  • To learn you have to listen: When a teacher or a guide speak loudly, they do not do it to waste your breath, they are definitely saying something to the group, so listening – freeing the ear cups from the headphones – is the least you can do.
  • The night is made to sleep: Stay awake all night (and for several nights), sleep a few hours, makes the next day weak and does not help to enjoy the experience.
  • The hotel is not an amusement park and it’s not all for the students: There are rules and above all there are other guests. Respecting objects, schedules, people is part of good education; do not do it, it does not honor itself, the surname that you bring (that is to your family), the school attended.
  • Alcohol, light drugs, various bumps – as well as being forbidden – are harmful and dangerous for themselves and for others:  Who wants to have fun like that, did not understand anything about the fun!
  • The prof. escorts are the same ones that will be found in class at the end of the experience: Iit is not a threat, but a warning!
  • What happens in a “trip” – as some students like to say – does not remain in “excursion”: Sooner or later it comes out and, if serious, will have heavy consequences. Better to be transparent and to be able to tell everything instead of keeping the unspeakable inside.