The student’s week



Another day is beginning, and open your eyes with a strange feeling on you: it’s Monday and you cannot find the strength to even get out of bed. The weekend has dried you all the energy and time you face the new week in the same manner in which Columbus discovered America by accident! After a morning spent in a mocha coffee and gazes hallucinated among colleagues, you feel that the day is turning into parade zombies. Without realizing, it will come in the evening that almost as if the day had not passed between the sheets all the time you have coveted.


There are no more excuses for the toughest week officially started, the alarm is less annoying than yesterday but it’s tomorrow, hygiene practices that were skipped Monday’s are double shooting, soon comes the time when from having to pass easily to accommodate those flies that turn you in the head, your attention has not yet reached its peak but you see very clear the hour when, from your office or from your classrooms, you will take the flight to a new illuminating aperitif.


Although predictions about the end of the world have stopped at 21 December 2012, have not you resign. Every Wednesday there seems more apocalyptic than the other, you are likely to see the glass half empty because of being closer the Monday to Sunday. So what do you do? We armed with plasma rifles and gas masks to fight this catastrophic scenario, Monday zombies now populate the streets. It’s up to you now to decide which side to take.

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You start to breathe new air, the morning begins with a warmth that warms your heart there, the weekend can already see among the thousands of pages left to study and duties to accomplish. A new force prevents the discomfort of acting at the end of yet another day of work or study. To prepare yourself psychologically to the days that follow, contact your appear to drink and a beer and the other you delight in the speeches of some importance that often end with existential questions like we do on Saturday?

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Ready! Friday is finally here, as the morning may seem far is nothing compared to the week you’ve been through, all the tiredness and tears are left at home, we finally have the opportunity to take back our lives. Unfortunately, the rush of bad counselor draws you into a hangover is not contained among the best (or worst, depending on your point of view!) bars in the city so much so that on Friday you can also be summarized as I come home without money.


It all week that aspects of this day, we finally with friends with whom you start to fantasize about what to do. It is not uncommon to see that of all the legendary projects developed during the beginning of the week then end up in the usual Saturday, in the same square, with the same beer to tell the same joke.


Every day when the sun rises a student knows that to be free from the oppression of the working world will rush to investigate. Every day in everyday when the sun rises a worker knows that to be free from the oppression of the working world will have to take more of your superior. In the jungle of life does not matter whether you are a student or a worker, if you want to spend a quiet Sunday just turn over the other side of the bed!