Which College Majors Will Pay You the Most?

Graduate in 4 years

Reading or knowing the future is pure hocus-pocus. However, you can look at the trends and make educated guesses. You can also look at the past and make informed decisions about what the future may hold. This is especially the case with college majors. If you want to find a major that you will afford you a high paying career, you want to take a look at the trends.

Of course, right now technology is all the rage, but what about in four years? You may not think that four years is so far away, but when it comes to the job market, it is an eternity. The last thing you want is to make a mistake that can cost you dearly down the road. Looking at these trends, there are a number of current majors that will offer high salaries. Sure, you may have to invest in college, but you have to spend money to make money. Here are some of the college majors that will pay you the most.


One of the highest paying majors is in engineering. This is mostly because there are very few engineers that are talented enough to take on various industries and their demands. Right now, engineering jobs are rising. Statistics show that various industries will be desperate for talented engineers in four year’s time.

Heavy Course Load in College
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Naval Architecture

As the world becomes a less and less safe place, more and more countries are trying to fortify their armies and naval bases. This is where naval architectures come in. With a naval architecture degree, you will find yourself at exactly the right place at the right time when you graduate. Not only is naval architecture a great, high paying career, but you will also get to travel and see the world. There are not a lot of positions that allow you the opportunity to see the world; most careers force you to spend your life in an office.


Another great degree you can get is in the world of communications. As a communications major, you will be able to secure positions in PR, in advertising and more. A lot of companies are looking to revamp their image and stay current. This is essential, because by the time you graduate, there will be a number of companies looking to update their brand message. Plus, there are some great communications degree programs, like GWU online, that can prepare you to succeed in this field.


This is a major that not many students know about. It’s a degree that offers a lot of opportunities in many different fields. Many people that go into informatics work at hospitals or large institutions. They revamp computer systems and filing networks. Eventually, you may start your own consulting company and be your own boss.

Political Science

Right now, the world is in a bit of a precarious place. There is war, social upheaval and political scandal. If you want to find a position that can help fix some of these problems – a position that will make the world safer – you may want to enter the political science field. In the end, it is one of the most rewarding jobs there is.