5 tips to work and study at the same time

work and study

Work and study– Today there are many cases of young people who are working and find it difficult to continue their studies . It sounds impossible, but the truth is that with these tips and good organization, everything can be done. So here we present 5 tips or tips that you can use to study and work at the same time.

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Many of your classmates will tell you how difficult it is to do it but in fact if  you can work and study  at the same time. You just need to follow some tips so that you do not feel so busy with things that may arise. It is best to think of each task as a challenge that will make you better every day.

Work and study at the same time  is possible with these tips:

work and study at the same time

Uses the syllabus as a study tool

At the beginning of each cycle, teachers deliver a written or digital document. It is about the syllabus of the course. Generally, this text is not very important, however, it is very useful.

Thanks to the information it contains, you can have information about your next classes, so you know what to expect during the following weeks, what the topics will be, the projects, exam dates, among others.

Mark your delivery dates

As  studying and working  at the same time is a bit difficult to assimilate at the beginning, your deadlines are higher. Not only do they have those of your study center, there are also those related to work.

What about that mid-week qualified practice? What happens if you have to make a presentation in your company? For this it is better to mark the dates of both studies and work.

In this way you will be with a visual aid that will allow you to have the next events on the map and thus not get caught without preparation.

Do not leave things at the last minute

best work and study

If you have a job at your institute, do not leave it until the last minute. Remember that you are at a disadvantage, you have less time than you would like to have.

Avoid a situation of enormous stress moving forward with your projects as soon as you leave them, you do not know what you can get after the change prevents you from complying with the delivery date.

Take small steps and advance a few, but with the goal of finishing the task as soon as possible.

Find new ways of studying

The fact of  working and studying at the same time  gives you many challenges. When you have the time against, you will necessarily have to get creative when managing your time for study. One way you should consider is to find new ways to memorize and understand the information.

Some tips that you can take into account is to write concepts or facts in booklets and take them with you. This way you can review them at all times. Alone, with a friend or study group.

Actually there are different ways you can find to study, but it will depend on which one suits your personality better than you choose.

Many times it is better to organize  how to study and work  our tasks through a list. That is, instead of having the objective of “reading a book”, it is better to “read the first two chapters of the book”. In this way you are clear about the beginning of your task and when it will end.

This can work with different activities. Something important is also to delimit this list of tasks while you have the deadline to complete them.

In summary, what you should be is very disciplined, aware of the limited time you have and be careful to manage your tasks.

Do not forget that it is up to you to activate your potential and not let yourself be overcome by time!

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Organize your calendar well

the work and study

It is the most important point. Learn to manage your time correctly. Seek the opportunity to choose the classes and your schedule for semester and try not to overload yourself. Choose the most important subjects and make sure that your schedules are not an impediment to fulfill your obligations at work.

Use study strategies

Just as you organized your schedules for the classes, you must also plan your study hours to make the most of the day. It is important that you maintain assistance in your classes, because otherwise it will be more difficult to catch up later. On the other hand, always take notes and do not postpone the study. Take advantage of your time and produce summaries and concept maps.

Speak at work

In your area of ​​work always keep constant communication with your bosses. They should be aware of your situation and even they will look for ways to support you, either with some kind of flexible schedule or reduction of tasks to be developed. Keep in mind that the law stipulates days of leave if you are studying and many companies are becoming more empathetic with these situations.

Speak at school

Exactly the same goes for the school side. Talk with your teachers about your work situation. You can even do it with classmates so that they can support you at the moment when for some reason you have to teach class and they can pass the notes of the day.

Watch your health

tips to work and study

And in the end, but no less important is to take care of your health. Day by day you will be using physical and mental energy and over time you will begin to wear yourself out. Do not harm yourself and abuse your effort. Sleep your assigned hours, eat healthy and stay fit so that your brain works better. Remember that you must also rest and be distracted by other activities.

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