3 More Satisfying Degrees You Should Consider Pursuing

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We’ve all been there; we start feeling bored with our lives and wonder why we didn’t choose to pursue our passions for a more fulfilling career. Of course, sticking with passion is not always an option, especially for those who have to focus more on building a secure and bright future.

Today, however, there are more opportunities to pursue than ever. Top universities such as Kent State University are making more majors and master’s degrees available. Whether you’re thinking of doing a career shift or you simply want to start a career in a field you truly love, getting the right degree, skills and qualifications is now easier than ever. To help you get started, here are some of the most satisfying degrees you can pursue today.

A Degree in Counseling

There are a lot of teens and community members that need help solving their problems. Being that person who is always there whenever they need help is a rewarding career. The smile you will see on people’s faces once they start solving their problems one after the other is simply priceless.

There are plenty of counseling degrees you can pursue, too. Most master’s in counseling degrees can be completed in as little as 18 months, making it among the best master’s degrees to pursue if you want to quickly make that career shift.

A degree in this field will also help you become a better community leader. This means you can affect the community you are in even more by developing skills such as empathy and self-awareness.

A Music Degree

I’m sure a lot of us dreamt of becoming a musician when we were younger. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always easy to convince parents that a music degree can help us get far in life. If you’re thinking about reliving that passion for music, then an online music education degree could be the right degree to pursue.

As the name suggests, the online MME program is designed to help musicians become better music trainers and teachers. The field of music education is expanding rapidly, especially since teens are more eager to learn music and how to play an instrument than ever before.

The course, hosted by top names such as Kent State University, is designed to help students learn the basics of teaching, as well as advanced theories and practices of music in different genres.


You might be thinking that an MBA is counterintuitive, especially when you want to have a more exciting career. Well, today’s top MBA courses have more specializations to choose from. Among those fields are internet marketing and international marketing, both of which can result in a very rewarding – and very thrilling – career nonetheless.

An MBA in internet marketing will equip you with the latest and greatest skills to conquer the world of digital marketing. You will be able to work with top influencers and content creators in crafting incredible campaigns for brands and corporations. It is definitely one of the most exciting careers you can develop today.

Which of these degrees interests you the most? Do you have your own dream degree you’d love to pursue? Tell us your stories in the Comments section below.