7 Tricks To Work Better In The Morning


We know how difficult it is to get up early in the morning, but with these seven tips will be much easier!

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep

This is obviously the most important trick to be able to get up early. Avoid going to sleep late. You should know how much sleep you need to feel good, so do not sacrifice your needs to watch an episode more of your favorite program. Also avoid spending too much time on Instagram before going to sleep, because the light of the screen prevents you to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

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2. Get ready!

When you get home after class, gather everything you’ll need the next morning. Do not leave your keys in the basket of fruit and books under the bed. Putting in one place all you need to bring with you, you will reduce the risk and worry that you forgot something when you get out of the house early in the morning. No one wants to start their day with an anxiety attack!

3. Plan the attire

Do not we want to propose to adopt a style of Top Model, but only to get an idea of what you could wear the next day. And if something has to be stretched, it is better to do it the night before. We’ll also want to prepare your hair using a product of Redken Proof Pillow Blow Dry range, which strengthens the hair and prepares them for the morning after styling without becoming frizzy overnight. This will save time in the morning!

4. Learn to love breakfast

Whether it’s a toast with avocado worthy of a photo on Instagram or a simple bowl of cereal, know that you expect a delicious breakfast will give you the motivation to get out of bed. Choose something easy to prepare, or you can prepare the night before. For example, to save time cutting fruit into small pieces and in the morning you will have no choice but to put everything in the blender.

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5. A great start

If the classes do not start early, why not do some of physical activity upon rising? It’s a great way to start the day and also will not have to worry about going to the gym after so many hours in the faculty. Put the bag in an energizing moisturizer for an injection of extra energy after a shower.

6. Do not put off the alarm!

If you press the alarm button to get some sleep more, get up will be even harder. It’s nice to go back to sleep, but when you have to wake again becomes twice as hard to regain consciousness.

7. Make a pact

If you promised to someone to meet him at a certain time, it is more likely that you will respect the program. Reach agreement with a friend to go along to class or to grab a quick coffee, and soon it will be easier to get up.