Life is not only study and graduation, enjoy your time because it is not coming back


Do not be crushed by the University. Exams, graduation, stress are the words with which we deal every day. But avoid giving it more importance than it deserves. It is a part of our lives. It is only a part of our wonderful life. Sometimes it seems that we have entered a mental vortex from which we struggle to come out.

We all have dreams, ambitions, expectations, and you will be able to reach them, I assure you. But true happiness be reached only if you cancel yourself in the name of who knows what. No one can ever repay you with emotions lost on the road in your path long but not infinite, with the problems that you face and that you will then be able to solve. No one can ever take your unquestioned quality. Each of us has many, but you can discover them only by living alone ever since, however, invariably yourself. Day after day.

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What will be your life when one day you will be graduates (you why this time will come for you and will arrive much sooner than you can imagine) if you have not lived fully every moment of your wonderful existence? Out with friends, devote yourself to your hobby, you pursue your goals. Life is not only the University. The activity is joy, pain, emotions, feelings, ambitions, values. You cannot reduce everything to a half-hour interview with a teacher which does not care about you, the people who you are, your true value.

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The University exams are important but those of life are certainly more. Very often I have seen people spend almost all the time to their study. But when there are experiences, dreams and emotions is difficult to go on, it’s hard to go far. Do your path but then, do not be hassled by anxiety, stress and unnecessary problems. Yes, you read that right, are unnecessary trouble. Because when you have to find a job that really count are the qualities that each of us carries with him 18 and that no one can ever take away.

In a few years will end your path and you will realize how much these words, that they can now seem out of the world, it is terribly true. But if it came to that day you will not fully lived it will be that your true defeat. But you will achieve a victory. Because you have been, you are and will always be you. With your imperfections and your qualities. But you have lived fully. And then you say you have achieved success in life, the real one. Good luck and enjoy your time. Time is too precious a thing to use it exclusively in the study. Time is the only thing in our wonderful existence never comes back. Make good use of the best. And you’ll never regret it.