Study groups, library, outdoor … Where you study better?


Some have just started, who is on the “banks” for the past more than a month, who should be there but he prefers to stay in bed, but for all they approach the first partial exams.

All you repeat that they are not worried about you, you’re great and vaccinated and fortunately you have already found and widely consolidated your method of study and know very well handle the situation. But you are not of the same opinion, and you start thinking that maybe your “studio at the last minute, closed room day and night,” you do not like the most, or is no longer as effective as before. Not all are well to study in the same way, each has its mental dynamics, its rhythms and its ways to keep constant attention.

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Study groups

In my opinion the study groups are useful if you need someone who you and help you to stay focused. One must be careful that the study group does not degenerate into messing group, but the benefits of this are many …

  • If you feel silly or not at ease to repeat itself, or to your poor mother, had to hold the phone between shoulder and ear while it is in the kitchen, discussing and reviewing with friends is ideal, because in addition to speaking you have to listen, and feel the same lesson you studied, exposed by a friend can be a viable solution to better understand the topic or hear it explained in different words by you;
  • Do not recommend to study effectively together, the group is useful for refresher, this then forces you to remain at the same, if you want to see and chat with your friends you have to keep up with them and give you a specific timetable and dates;
  • Another activity that you can do together are the exercises, useful for understanding together and get an explanation from those who may have understood better, tricks and not to carry most of what you have prefixes.

A tip: if you need to see you to study in someplace group in someone’s home or book the special, if possible, in the library, not to disturb others or distract them.

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The library

If you do not live alone and / or need a lot of calm while studying the library it is the place for you. In fact the house is full of distractions: full refrigerator (or maybe not) of food that is calling you, the television, the bed, the families or roommates, and so on and so on puts, whereas in the library and classrooms studio there is a deathly silence and many more of your colleagues in the same situation, you may know during breaks. Under examination will be packed out and it will be difficult to find a place: watch the opening hours and get there 5 minutes before (yes, it is especially recommended for early risers).

The park

There are those who, while not being able to study at home, can not stand the ticking of the fingers on the computer keys, the sound of pens, crawl chairs and all the other small, but constant noise, that it is often impossible to avoid. In this case you might look for a park quiet close to home, sit or lie down under a tree and enjoy the weather (hopefully there is some sunshine) and the sounds of nature, like a dog running, the wind in the leaves or children playing in the distance and you may find even find them pleasant.

Your homes

If you belong to those who study better from midnight to 6 am, which should take pounds and pounds of books, notes, highlighters and computers to be able to study maybe stay home it is the place for you. It is not necessarily a symptom of laziness, some is better to have all the comforts at home, with the possibility of repeating aloud, eat when and what you want, put a little music, do some stretching while re-read summaries, in short, freedom is total.

The risks, however, are still there, a break of five minutes on the bed could turn into a nap that I will take away all afternoon or lunch could turn into an attempt to emulate Gordon Ramsay and you’ll end up eating 12 courses. Tries to give you the precise objectives, or temporal or quantitative, bearing in mind that no one is there to control you and to tell you to study, and you have to be thinking about yourself and the good achievement of your exams.

What are you? Where and why you are better to study?