The SQ4R Method: How to study a manual


How to learn and study an entire manual using SQ4R method it is easier than expected. Here it is and how it works. Try it!

What is the method SQ4R?

To prepare for university exams you have to study a lot of books. If you want better to store, the details of your manuals use the SQ4R method! This acronym refers to the initials of the steps to follow. At first you will need to practice, but after a short time it will apply automatically.

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SQ4R Method: The Code

S = Survey

Start by taking an overview of what the book is about. To get a general idea rules the introduction, the index, titles, subtitles and chapter summaries. Look at the graphs, tables or drawings.

Q = Question

It transforms titles and subtitles questions, like you’re interrogating the contents of the text. For example if you find the title “The areas of the brain,” ask yourself, “What are the areas of the brain?” By doing so you focalize your attention on the main content of what you will need to read and know.

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R (1) = Read

Start reading the book in a careful, trying to find answers to the initial questions that you place in the preceding phase.

R (2) = Record

Once you have identified and understood the relevant information, put it well in evidence and record them, underlining and / or making schemes.

R (3) Recite

Now close the book and answer orally or in writing to the questions that you have made, based on what you’ve read, and the key points highlighted. If you cannot re-read and reformulates the questions until you’ve memorized, repeating the “ring of R 3”. If you do not find complete answers to your questions, you’ll probably continuing in reading the book. If you are in doubt, ask for help to Professor or your fellow students.

R (4) = Review

Passes regularly what you have studied and start again from the beginning every time. The material will increase continuing to be reviewed in the study. However, you always put less time and remember everything as long as every time reread the old info!