Too many classes, a short time? 3 study techniques that will save you


The summer session is upon us, the exams are too many and you think you do not have enough time. Here are 3 of infallible study techniques!

The summer session is upon us, the exams to prepare is too much and you think you do not have enough time to prepare them, but here’s 3 surefire study techniques.

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1. Save time with concept maps

To many it may seem like an obvious speech. Those who cannot make a mind map? Many! It emerged that many take too long just to organize their study. Thus, waste of time!

We should be able, especially at the university, to better manage our time! Once you understand what is a mind map, you will see that you will make a clearly and absolutely neat. The concept map can have various and different purposes. Depending on the student if he makes different use. Here are the main uses:

  • OVERVIEW argument

So, moving on these three cornerstones start thinking: why do I need a map? What should I put? How can you help me to memorize better? After finding answers to these and other questions (will be many in some cases) contextualizing them on a given subject will see that the map will be created on its own. This is just one of the 3 most recommended study techniques: the use of a beautiful and neat concept map.

Your question now is: when I use the schematic? There is not a precise answer, let yourself be guided by your intuition. Usually it is outlined at the end of the lessons of a subject, at the end of the study of a book.

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2. There is a way to emphasize?

To get to do a conceptual map is essential to know the subject or at least I understand what there is around. So, you have to read. But if you are presented a thousand pages to study for your next exam it is clear that you will enter into confusion.

We need to isolate the most important topics through the underscore. Used the colors you want to highlighters, it does not matter. If you want you can also arrange giving each color a level of importance. The nice thing about stress is that it can be done simultaneously to the reading. Therefore, once you understand what it’s about trust, able to fluidly highlight any topic!

3. I greet you with a few tricks of concentration

Study, read, underline, outline, summarize etc … impossible things to do if we do not create an environment that is the ultimate in comfort for the study. Therefore, here are some useful and practical advice to take put in order before jumping in the study:

  • Log out from any device: tablet, smartphone, PC etc …
  • Breathe deeply, close your eyes for about thirty seconds, and slow heartbeat
  • Read the first paragraph and see if you can summarize it. If yes, it means that you are ready to start studying
  • Take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes. You will facilitate the memorization of what they are studying.

With these three techniques and the proper method of study easily you conquer the summer session!