University but ignorant, the problem is more widespread of who is to blame?


In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Education, University and Research, about 600 university teachers have wanted to highlight one of the now long known problems: ignorance, at least in grammar, of the University students. With errors, they say, so serious as to be related to the cultural level of a third-grader.

There are some important initiatives for the updating of teachers, but – it is noted in the letter – you do not see an adequate political will on the severity of the problem. Instead, we need a very demanding school in control of learning, as well as more effective in teaching; otherwise neither the commitment of teachers, nor the acquisition of new methodologies will be enough.

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Improving therefore the school is sufficient move to remedy the problem? Maybe. What is certain is that to get at the University after 13 years of schooling should be in itself guarantee the achievement of a minimum level of culture and sufficient to continue his studies. It does not seem to be so, at least at the moment.

Among other things, the issue has touched in the past also the preparation of graduate students, and they walked to the most prestigious competitions. So for example in the judiciary in competitions a few years ago many were unsuitable due to mere misspellings and / or grammatical rather than to real deficiencies in the field of law.

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Therefore, graduate is not always synonymous with culture: indeed very often you realize (sometimes even by simple written post on Facebook) that many students perform really egregious grammatical errors. The problem is however not only the school. Even the lack of written examinations in university period plays, in the opinion of the writer, a key role: an exclusively oral preparation does not allow any effective supervision of the real grammatical knowledge of the students so that they, if they do not have an enviable culture, they have no way even be correct. Charge the blame to the schools can be shared. Exonerate the completely no University.