How to educate a disobedient?

Educate your child

If you’ve tried all kinds of punishment possible and still your son ignores all threats and withdrawals of privileges, you need to change strategy to get them to behave.

Learn how to make your child understand the importance of following the rules and why they exist.

Educate your child
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Children disobey the orders of adults with some frequency. It’s his way of discovering where are limits to challenge us and show that they too have their character and want to send. The typical punishment “you run out” does not work with small objects that are saturated with which entertained so that if we remove one will always be able to go to another. What can we do?

Punishment in perspective

Experts say that punishing a child is counterproductive, damages their self-esteem, produces stress and strengthens the behavior of the child. However, it is necessary to “educate them in reality” so that you understand that if they misbehave, their actions have consequences. Reprove and punish them would be negative whenever taking into account these assumptions:

– In order for a punishment is education must explain to our son, without shouting or fuss and calmly. Why his conduct was wrong and urge correct
– Should know in advance the limits and not exceed the punishment if you do get to weigh if it’s worth breaking the rules.
– The punishment should be immediate, proportional, balanced and consistent with the age, maturity and type of offense.
– Do not use absolute restrictions as “you stay unpaid forever” and punished. consistently is impossible to pass a week without watching TV, enjoy your favorite series a couple of days.
– The threats continuous and warnings make the punishment loses effectiveness. Dale three warnings, no more.
– Do not forgive the punishment like that and, if so, explain why you did. . If you paid one of your anger at him and you were too severe, ask apologize, explain it and correcting
– Not use their basic needs to punish; nor rest, nor his power, nor sports practice.
– Educate your child without yelling nor  you compare with other children, less with his brothers.
– If you try to hug you, kiss you and tell you that I want to make amends indeed, you do not reject him because he may feel hurt.
– Encourage him when he acts well, reinforcing that behavior, paying attention you obey and have good attitude and commenting that this is the way to behave.