5 Tricks for an intelligent study


Studying for an exam, exhibition…? Occupy days, entire afternoons to repeat yourself a thousand times the same content in order to memorize?

You’re doing badly, very badly.

The art of studying properly can be a difficult task. Two professors – Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel at the University of Washington – and its author Peter Brown felt that the best knowledge of the study is one that is based on scientific articles, all gathered in a new book Make it Stick: The science of successful learning

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Roediger advised to follow these five guidelines for successful learning. Read carefully and notes. You will be very helpful.

Simple steps to improve your study

1) Take notes: Write to hand everything the teacher says in class. Although it sounds heavy, it is the best solution to reduce study time because, while taking notes, the student is much more aware of the information it receives and attempts to synthesize this information to write everything.

2) No study – Practice! Stop repeating yourself a thousand times the same page. Search for “tricks” to memorize, beam patterns in your head, find him sense, do not want to memorize without knowing. Investigate, learn, Enrich.

3) Sleep: If you really want to maintain a long – term information, the best plan is to sleep. Your brain needs time to catch up and process everything you’ve got into it, and it is during sleep when this happens.

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4) Organize the study: Ever may be the case that you have two or three (or more) exams in the same week, and little time to study. To study all subjects is recommended to alternate with each other. You must remember that the brain finds it much harder to remember similar concepts if we study them all at once, try spacing similar content.

5) Examine yourself: Make tests to see how you wear the study, these tests will serve much to know you have to strengthen and not content. Furthermore, this technique also will review all content.

‘We want to see the results! And if you have doubts, do not hesitate to show them unto us