How to study better 7 guidelines to get the best grade

How to study better

Many times when we come to study not really know how to do, know we have to underline, or if we do schemes.

Many questions come to us at the time to memorize all of which, along with the stress of the study, make waste time rather than use it.

To avoid such situations then we will give you the 7 best optimize your study guidelines for ensuring success in your grades.

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7 simple tips to pass an exam

1) Organize the study Before starting to study is essential to structure, we know how to study, how many days we have before the test … in this section must be realistic, do not get some goals that are impossible to achieve; That will discourage you to continue studying.

2) Underline. Emphasis fundamental technique to ensure a good study. It is advisable to go by highlighting issues or small sections. It is useless to underline all the issues at once, because this will not help memorization of content, and can be harmful as it is likely that you end up mixing concepts.

3) Paper and pencil. You should always have paper and pencil during the study to make sketches, drawings to facilitate your learning target words that costs memorize … At the time of review will suffice see this sheet to remember the contents.

4) Rest. It should be a break of 10 or 15 minutes every hour or hour and a half, thus optimize the study. The relaxation time is essential to ensure good memorization, since the brain, like us, you also need a break.

We should not abuse the rest time, which is why we recommend not using social networks because it can make our break we extend more than recommended.

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5) Drink water. It is important to drink water during the study to keep our body and brain hydrated. Always have a bottle of water or natural juice while studying.

6) Review. It is very important to review the issue once studied, this review will help us to verify that we really know the contents. It is advisable to do a quick review of all the issues that know us not forget them.

7) Without distractions. It is essential to study in a place free from distractions to study time more effective and thus ensure success.