Study highlighting: The 6 best tips for passing an exam

Study highlighting

Emphasis studies the technique most used and known but most often not done properly. It is important to use this technique to better understand the text, and thus assimilate the important content and accelerate your learning.

If you want to improve and optimize your study time, carefully read the 6 best guidelines to study through underlined. Inattentive!

Study highlighting
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6 best study tips through underscore

1) Election of colors: It is important to choose colors that you will use for underlining and be clear what role each will have. It is advisable to use two very different colors highlighters. One to mark the main ideas and other secondary

2) Reading the text: You should read the text once before starting to stress. This will help you know what it is about and capture the main and secondary ideas. But it has become clear in the first reading; it is advisable to read it a second time.

3) Underlined: After reading we will have to stress. Here we go paragraph by paragraph carefully reading and underlining keywords. Not very long sentences should be stressed only words you remember the primary and / or secondary idea (these words are usually nouns).

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4) Reread the underlined text once: Once the text is underlined recommended re-read it, to see if you need to increase the emphasis.

5) Annotations is advisable that during the brief underlined entries are made in pencil to help us structure the information, for example: What is the theme?, What is the main idea of this paragraph …?

6) Scheme: Finally, with the main ideas it is advisable to make an outline, so the study will be faster and more efficient.