Want to be smarter? Change your daily routine!

Change your daily routine

There are certain custom or simple habits, that without you and without you realize just cost you effort will provide knowledge, a different view, or expanded information about something you were unaware.

Consequently, it makes you smarter.

So if you also want to be a little better every day, I propose 17 habits that they acquired, open your mind and expand your abilities.

Change your daily routine
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Read carefully…

1) Stay informed, not only with paper newspapers. Today Internet has opened up a new world of online newspapers and social networks, which keep us informed at the time. It will help you become more aware of the important things that happen outside your tangible world. In addition, you will learn to form your own opinions and understand issues before you sounded Chinese.

2) Instead of watching TV without more, get something useful from watching a movie in another language, an interactive and educational progress, a DIY, anything you like, and also to entertain, you contribute knowledge or education.

3) Share your wisdom with others, you can have a friend to share knowledge and discuss the same idea. Besides this, it can bring you a different view on the same subject, something that will make you think, reflect, and even realize things that, perhaps earlier, had overlooked.

4) Use the ‘Word of the Day’ application! You will learn double, a new word each day.

5) Change your diet and exercise, because eliminating certain foods from your diet and replace them with others that make you well, in addition to acquiring a training routine in your life, make your brain work better and oxygenate.

6) Do something that scares you, when we get out of our comfort zone, we become wiser. This is due, that we have to face something different, something that will make us learns. Both how to carry it out, as our reactions to that situation and responses of others. You can try to speak in public, write something you feel in your blog, or go to the person who imposes on you both.

7) Interact with people who are smarter than you surrounding yourself with people you consider intelligent, either by the topics covered, by the way they are expressed or the interest you have for things they do, always learn something new.

8) What are your hobbies productive, it’s okay to play Candy Crush or GTA, but sorry to say that this little gives you intellectually. Alternate and acquires different ways to spend your free time, practice with Sudoku, playing chess with a friend, read about art history, write something you rode the head …

9) Learn a new language with small challenges. Make it a challenge to learn 10-15 words per day from another language. Obviously, you will not become native with this technique, but it is a start, plus you put away the fear.

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10) Put into practice what has been learned, after all the challenges you set out, to be served something you should use them. Nothing good is learning new words, or plays a new musical instrument, and then not put it into practice. It includes those words to your everyday vocabulary, and get used to playing at least 30 minutes a day that instrument, among other things.

11) Internet also serves to broaden your knowledge and skills, there are many online courses or interactive programs that can learn from a new language, make a braid or sew a pair of pants.

12) Take time to be alone, outdoors solitude is good. Spending time with yourself you used to think, reflect, and even make decisions. If you do well in a good atmosphere, quiet, outdoor, and practicing some kind of sport, it is well oxygenate your brain, and decision making will be more effective and quality.

13) Write down everything you learn, but … why write it? For writing it , you have a record of everything you have learned, in your own words, as well, knowing that you have to write everything that you study, you will serve as motivation to pay more attention to what you are studying or conversation you want sacred something, or talk to which we attended that day.

14) Become lists, you must make 3 different lists of ‘things you should do’, another ‘things done’ and another things you should stop doing’. For example, when you start the week, make a list of things you should do. Will serve to program yourself and try to lose as little time as possible. When you finish the day, completes the list of things you’ve done, will help you see all the things that you were able to do. It’ll make you feel good check you do things that you propose. At the end of the week, noting the lists of things done and you cannot check in what situations you lost time and can update the list of things you should stop doing.

15) Check your questions, you should NEVER stay with no doubt in your head, in addition today there are many sources of information that have doubts, it is vague. Blogs, videos, news, social networks … You have all the information you want, simply picking up your phone.

16) Read books assiduously, it does not matter that these are science fiction or true stories, the habit of reading, plus help you improve your reading speed, will help you understand better and faster what you read.

You might consider reading one or two chapters a day, a month to read at least one book.

17) Choose a time each day to do nothing. Nothing! Just be you, resting your mind. Because your mind also deserves a break, because during this rest collects all the information you’ve gotten it, and memory becomes what interests. Moreover, it is comforting to have a rest.