Three Simple Ways to Help Your Children Study More Efficiently

Tackling a Heavy Course

Helping your children use their study time more efficiently can be a big step towards helping them succeed in school. Since there are many ways to study, finding simple ways to help your children study more efficiently is a better way to start your children towards learning better study habits.

Here are three simple ways to help your children study more efficiently that are especially easy to incorporate into your children’s study schedule.

Set a Regular Time to Study
Setting a regular time to study is beneficial because it can help your children develop and practice study techniques that allow them to build on what they have learned previously to solve more complicated problems.

Many creditable schools such as the Kingsdale Foundation School recommend setting up a regular time for your children to study that offers the following benefits:

An organized study period to study difficult subjects such as math and spelling at your children’s own pace.
Enough time to complete homework and study for exams.
Enough time to provide at least one break to rest and relax.
Enough time to plan and complete long-term projects.

Choosing a regular time to study that offers these benefits should be simple because most children arrive home from school at times that offer an easy way to plan a regular time to study and complete homework assignments.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum
Studying can be difficult for many children who have access to television, the Internet, video games, smartphones and other sources of entertainment. Much of this difficulty can be circumvented by keeping these things away from your children while they study and by reminding your children that they can use the things after they are done studying.

Moreover, many children are sensitive to stimuli such as bright lights, loud noises and strong smells. These children often benefit from a quiet and dim place to study that allows them to focus on what they are doing without having to be exposed to stimuli that might be difficult for them to handle.

Let Your Children Take Frequent Study Breaks
Many children have difficulty studying because they run out of energy before they complete everything. An easy way to resolve this problem is to let your children take frequent breaks while they study.

One way to determine an appropriate schedule for your child’s study breaks is to use the following suggestions:

Give children who are in grammar school a 10-minute break for each hour they study.
Let older children and adolescents schedule a 20-minute break for each 90-minute period they study.

As you can see, three of the easiest ways to help your children study more efficiently include establishing a regular time to study, keeping distractions to a minimum and scheduling frequent breaks. Helping your children use these study techniques is easier if you explain to them how to used them. As a result, feel free to use the suggestions mentioned here to help your children understand how to incorporate these study techniques into their study schedules.