5 tricks on how to study fast in the light of exams

study fast in the light of exams

With the exam session approaching here is some trick on how to study fast to get prepared right now.

The summer session is at the door, for many already started and despite being studied as fervently unfortunately you do not feel ready. Let’s see 5 tricks on how to study fast …

1. How to study fast? Isolate!

In the true sense of the word. One of the biggest difficulties is to stay really alone. To be able to concentrate to the maximum. So let’s take our beautiful mobile phone and bring it in airplane mode . You will see that after two or three minutes, as soon as you start studying, you will not even remember it anymore. Do the same with your laptop, tablet, and any other electronic gadget. Yes, even watch is an electronic object. This is one of the strategies for learning better and making your study sessions more profitable.

2. Give up the summaries if you have little time!

I also feel better in summarizing the books but unfortunately, if you have little time, this is no longer possible. The best thing you can do, if you are willing to sacrifice your books, is pinpoint the most important things on the various side of the page. For example, read that the fascist period is called the Twenty-Year Fascist, name it near and maybe even write the dates.

study fast in the light of exams
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3. Emphasize not pencil but with highlighters

I usually choose 3 or 4 colors of highlighters. The yellow is to emphasize the parts that I consider normal, concepts to be learned and then maybe summed up mentally. The green using it to emphasize phrases or concepts a bit more important. The orange is instead used for the parts important! Those not to be forgotten absolutely. The rose, if available, for some other concept to be removed only to make a beautiful figure. The pencil instead for examples.

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4. Repeat and repeat, even with the front book!

Sure, it’s not the best thing with the open book in front but trust it, you’ll still learn! The important thing is to repeat it until it is exhausted. We should arrive at a point where we can practically count the hairs at the head of Mussolini! (and we know he did not have it!). What’s important as you repeat: always try to change the words. Never use the same words as the book. If this is happening, it will mean that you are bouncing and repeating memory. What’s to be avoided absolutely otherwise, you will come home with a nice 17 and praise.

5. Stop, do not lock in the shell!

It is important to study without distractions, as stated in the first point, but equally important is to make the right pauses! Without you will not solve much, trust it! One of the strategies to learn is just to choose the right pauses. After repeating for a few hours, I recommend you take the breaks! I would generally advise you to do one of them 5 minutes every 25 years, but as the examinations are at your door, this is no longer recommended! So do 10 minute breaks every hour of study! Ah, and if you can avoid watching social homes, do it any more: look over the window, watch some videos on YouTube. Societies are very distracted and resume studying after a break is already complicated, we do not make it impossible!