Tips for greater efficiency study, applicable to all parts of the world

Study tips

As we know educational systems vary from country to country (fortunately or unfortunately). This situation of change it has been able to live a group of Asian students chose to study in the UK. These students must change their mindset and open new paths to already know what you live.

An education specialist, gives four tips on what Asian students must do in order to get the most out of your study. She has helped thousands of Asian students to overcome various difficulties in studying in the UK over the last decade. Take pen and paper and read carefully these simple tips.

Study tips
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1. Be more active

Embrace English culture, embracing language, English. Before all, these students need to understand that the education system is very different in each country. In the Far East, learning children receive only going in one direction i.e. teachers bring their knowledge and teach students, but not vice versa (teachers and students are transmitted).

However, in the UK, it is just the opposite. This educational system attempts to maintain two-way dialogue between teachers and students both sides give and take. It is for this reason that Asian students must adapt to this new culture of learning in order to thrive. Students also have to want to be kept informed of the subject of study.

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For example, if you are studying economics, in addition to reading textbooks, should be on top today and read about politics, sociology and history in order to get a complete picture of the subject, to know what is happening around the world. In addition, students must take the initiative to go to events beyond their classrooms to gain intellectual stimulation related to your topic. In essence, Asian students have to keep in mind that learning is not just about the absorption of textbooks. It is much more than that.

In addition, this would not be great to carry it out, it would be ideal that all teachers bury buckets in students the desire to know more and want to know the subject in depth for themselves. That is, create somehow learning Self-Study.

2. Be better at time management and goal setting

This is a “problem” as regards all types of students, and that the organization of time for completion of tasks is not quite right. It is necessary that both the Asian students and everyone in general have clear objectives of where want to be, and follow a realistic calendar. 

To take an example, say you have a test in January 2016 after Christmas. It is highly unlikely that these special days you spend so much time, it is normal. However, knowing this beforehand planed, studying every day and try to make the minimum possible agenda for Christmas. Try to plan so that by this time only gives a little review. Do not rely that much time with the test date, after all the time flies.

3. Take the initiative to socialize

All students need the help of his teammates to improve their performance. However, in the case of Asian students need to learn to build and maintain good relationships with peers and teachers, since in its education system the teacher-student relationship, it is the vast majority of cases cold.

In addition, you should always try to maintain a good relationship with their peers. You may need your help both in the immediate future and in their future careers, who says to you that one of them cannot be your partner? So, you know, begin to build rapport with your colleagues, all you are better off. Ultimately, the study is not to compete with the rest, if not better yourself.

4. Plan ahead now, not tomorrow

Students should begin to plan what you want to do when they finish their careers now, not after graduation. 

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In the case of Asian students studying in the UK (for instance, because all this can be extrapolated to any student) want to return to China after graduation? You want to find a job in the UK? All these questions are very important and have them resolved to mark the rest of your life. Why is it important to have resolved these questions? Well, depending on the path you want to take you to do one thing or train you in others. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you need to make a number of hours in hospitals or charity before you graduate. If you want to join the investment banking needs makes specific examinations … Plan now before it is too late.

In short, my final advice for Asian students is to “keep an open mind and accept differences”. You must be aware of the differences that exist in each country. If you can embrace the differences, you will be surprised how many things you will learn.