The 5 most common causes of pre-examination anxiety

pre-examination anxiety

Anxiety before the exams is one of the most common problems among university students. Many suffer from this and this is also evidenced by the number of searches on Google: you will not believe it, but there are thousands who try to solve this annoying problem. A problem that in serious cases can create serious problems: in fact, there are not a few who say that their university career has been blocked precisely by the excessive anxiety that prevented them from presenting themselves to the exams.

pre-examination anxiety
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Here are the 5 causes of anxiety for us before the exams: knowing these you could perhaps work on yourself and improve or (why not) solve the problem completely …

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1) Poor self-esteem: Believe you are not enough. This is not simply true and is shown by the very fact of having anxiety. If you have it means that you have committed yourself and that you have a lot at heart.

2) The pressures of parents: Often many university students are pressed by their parents, who see a rejection or a bad vote as a failure. It is not exactly like that, in fact it is not at all. You should discuss with them to understand that all human beings are wrong and that they too have made their mistakes

3) Fear of confrontation with colleagues: Many feel uncomfortable if their colleagues get better grades or graduate more quickly. Nothing could be more wrong. Everyone goes their own way and very often those who graduate later or with a lower grade are able to obtain more prestigious occupations.

4) Fear questions impossible to be examined: If you have prepared yourself the anxiety can cause an excessive fear towards the teacher or the examining commission. In this regard, you should know that many of the rumors circulating at the University are real legends. It is true that there are more or less rigid professors … but it is equally true that if you have a solid preparation the exam will pass

5) Ask too much to themselves: Anxiety can also depend on too many expectations about oneself. Do not make too ambitious programs; do not try to give too many subjects each session. Running too much is like going too slow. Take the right time to study peacefully and effectively.

In any case, the advice is to always overcome anxiety and present yourself. As we often say, winning helps to win. So passing the exams helps to overcome others more easily. You are the best motivators of yourself! If you liked the article, you can share it on Facebook good study to all readers!